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Who is Ana Munoz?

She’s a mother! She’s a massage therapist! She’s a birth worker! She’s a podcaster! She’s a coach!


Nah, I’m just Ana. (and a nerd, catch me at opening night for any superhero, sci-fi, who-done-it flick)


All of the above are a few of the hats I wear in my life.  And they all played a role in me creating Mind & Body Motherhood for you.

Orlando Birth Doula, Orlando Prenatal Massage, Orlando Postpartum Massage, Birth Coach, Hypnosis For Birth
Ana Munoz, Birth Doula, Prenatal Massage, Hypnosis Practitioner, RRT
Ana Munoz, Prenatal Massage, Mobile Massage Orlando, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Hypnosis for Birth, Birth Doula Orlando, Near me
Orlando Prenatal Massage, Orlando Postpartum Massage, Orlando Birth Doula, Orlando Childbirth Course, Mind and Body Motherhood
Massage Therapist

If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a massage therapist for over 10 years it is that not all massage therapists are created equal, especially when it comes to serving the birthing community.  That's not a dig to my colleagues.  You see there are some modalities we individually excel in.  


I thrive working on you. You’re either beginning your conception journey, pregnant, or are postpartum.  I not only fully understand how to massage you at any chapter of your childbearing year, I also understand the impacts of pregnancy, birth, & motherhood on your body.  


I've created a personalized massage unique for you. Because every one has a unique experience as they journey through their childbearing year.  The last thing you should receiving is cookie cutter care.


If there is one thing I can say with certainty: I am neither afraid to give you the pressure you seek, and I am fully trained to understand where you are in your individual journey and how that influences the massage I provide you.

Birth Doula, Hypnosis Practioner

Giving birth is 90% mental and 10% physical (not based on real studies….yet).


I became a birth doula when I was made aware of the birth environment, outcomes and statistics in NJ.  The tools I bring to your hypnosis sessions, prenatal visits, workshops and beyond are all tools that helped me physically and mentally prepare for birth or recover from birth.


Prepare to master your thoughts, bring awareness to, and rewrite the beliefs and behaviors that are impacting your future birth and motherhood journey.

Mind and Body Motherhood, Ana Munoz, Childbirth education, Orlando PRenatal massage, Orlando Postpartum Massage, Orlando Hypnobirth, Orlando Rapid Resolution Therapy

These are tools I used back in 2020 when I gave birth to my daughter at the height of the pandemic.  The same tools I used to process my homebirth transfer AND begin to prepare for future pregnancies and births.


Your birth and motherhood journey isn’t set in stone, lets work together to create the journey that is best suited for you, free from the weight of previous births, other’s birth experiences, and unhealed mother wounds.

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