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Birth Doula

Having an unmedicated birth is possible in any location.  Some just require a bit more preparing for than others.

I support you on your unmedicated birth journey regardless of the location!

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It may appear as if the only way for you to have an unmedicated birth is by birthing at home or at a birthing center.  But that's not the case, regardless of where you choose to give birth, I'll support you in preparing for your unmedicated birth.

While having an unmedicated birth at a hospital is 100% possible, it also takes the most preparation as you will be navigating a system that primarily uses medication to support and encourage your labor's progress.

As a birth doula who supports unmedicated birth regardless of location, I provide support in 3 areas: Mind, Body, & knowledge.


Even if this is your first pregnancy and you've never given birth before your mind has been preparing for this moment your whole life.  It has been influenced by other's birth stories, births you've watched in movies and TV shows, and also by your experience navigating health care up to this point.

I use hypnosis to update & clear any blocks that may be limiting your access to power & possibilities as you navigate birth.

This looks like releasing any beliefs around body autonomy & authorities, feelings such as fear, anxiety, and overwhelm that are impacting your pregnancy journey.  Prepare to navigate birth FREE & CLEAR to make your unmedicated birth a reality!



In 40 weeks your body will go through a rapid transformation as it grows your baby.  With that your body is bound to feel things like aches & pains due to the change.  However, that doesn't mean you have to stay in pain the whole time.

Your doula packages includes prenatal massages so you can support your changing body and enter labor with muscles that are well rested and supported to experience contractions.


In order to experience an unmedicated birth, it requires a knowledge of your options as well as what to expect.  At your prenatal visits, we'll cover creating a birth plan, practicing comfort measures to use during labor, as well as how to recover after birth.

Let's Talk Packages


Tier 1

This package includes:

- 3 prenatal visits to prepare for birth

- Unlimited text support between 9am-6pm Monday-Friday up to week 38

- Unlimited 24/7 text support from week 38 to birth

- Consecutive in-person support during active labor up to 2 hrs after birth

- 1 Postpartum visit

- 10% discount on prenatal massages & hypnosis sessions

This package is a $1500.

Tier 2

This package includes everything from Tier 1 plus:

- 3 prenatal massages

-2 hypnosis sessions

This package is $2000.

Tier 3

This package includes everything from Tier 1 plus:

- The Ultimate Prenatal Massage Schedule*

- The Ultimate Prenatal Hypnosis Schedule*

* Schedule begins from the gestitional week at signing of the contract & paying deposit*

This package is $2500.

Payment plans are available to make this investment as budget-friendly as possible!

Who is Mind & Body Doula Services For?

Mind & Body Birth Doula is for you if:

✅ You are birthing at a hospital, birth center, or at home

✅ You are ready to be supported every step of your birth journey

✅ You are ready to create a birth experience that has you saying: Fuck Yeah I did that!!

✅ You are ready to step into your Autonomous Mom Era

Mind & Body Birth Doula is NOT for you if:


❌ You will blindly do whatever your provider tells you to do

❌ You are looking for someone to tell you what to do

❌ You are looking to be saved from the system

❌ You believe there is absolutely nothing you can do to create a powerful birth experience

❌ You are not willing to stand up for the birth you desire

If you are ready to:

🌟 Navigate birth with confidence in yourself & your birth team

🌟 Shed the people pleasing behavior that's been impacting your pregnancy

🌟 Feel peace & clarity navigating the unknowns of birth

🌟 Create a birth experience so powerful you wish every mom could experience it

Then Book your FREE discovery call Now!

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