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Massage Therapy 

Enjoy a customized massage experience from the comfort of your home.  Ana currently offers in-home massages to the birthing community of Orlando.

Mind and body motherhood, mobile massage therapy, Orlando FL, prenatal massage, postpartum massage, therapeutic massage
mind and body motherhood, massage therapy, Orlando prenatal massage, Orlando postpartum massage, Orlando mommy to be massage, Orlando Mobile Massage, Orlando in home massage, Ana Munoz
Mind and body motherhood - mobile massage therapy Orlando FL, Prenatal massage, postpartum massage, therapeutic massage
Prenatal Massage

As your body adjusts to your growing baby you may find yourself feeling pain in your back, hips, and shoulder.  A prenatal massage will help relax your muscles and support them as they support you.  Book your session today to experience pain relief.  All stages of pregnancy, including the first trimester, are welcome.

Postpartum Massage

Whether you experienced a vaginal birth or a belly birth, giving birth is a full body experience.  Postpartum massage will deliver pain relief from upper back pain, carpal tunnel like sensations, and lower back aches.  Your postpartum massage is recommended between 3 days postpartum and 12 weeks postpartum.

Therapeutic Massage

You may be asking yourself, “Ana, what if I’m not pregnant or have not recently given birth?” Experience a customized massage experience.  Whether you are seeking relaxation or pain relief, or a perfect blend of both, this session is for you.

Massage Packages

Save 10% when you purchase a 5 session package

  • 75 minutes: $675

  • 90 minutes: $810

Massage Rates

We accept cash, all major credit cards and HSA​

  • 75 minutes: $150

  • 90 minutes: $180

Book Session

mind and body motherhood, Orlando PRenatal MAssage, Orlando Postpartum Massage, Orlando Mobile Massage, Orlando Mommy to be massage

“Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the spirit.”


mind and body motherhood, orlando prenatal massage, orlando postpartum massage, orlando mobile massage, orlando in home massage, orlando mommy to be massage

Do you only massage pregnant clients?

  • Not at all, all are welcome.  If you gave birth within the last year, I recommend you book a postpartum massage session.  For my nonpregnant/postpartum clients, book the therapeutic massage session.

How often should I receive a prenatal massage?

  • Most pregnant clients receive 10-15 massages throughout their pregnancy, similar to their prenatal visits.  First and Second trimester once every 4 weeks up to week 28. Third trimester, biweekly up to week 36 and then weekly up to birth.  This recommended schedule allows you to thrive in pregnancy and enter labor with relaxed muscles.​

How can I benefit from a prenatal massage?

  • Studies have shown that massage throughout pregnancy reduces anxiety, decreases symptoms of depression, relieves muscle aches and joint pains, and improves labor outcomes and newborn health.

How can I benefit from a postpartum massage?

  • Labor is a physically demanding experience that instantly leads into the next physically demanding experience: motherhood.  Postpartum massage has many benefits beginning with taking time for your care, to soothing the aches and pains from labor.

I had a cesarean birth, can I still book a postpartum massage?

  • Absolutely! Before your session we’ll have a thorough intake process to understand how far along you are in your healing process and then proceed accordingly. Postpartum massage can be booked as soon as you arrive home.

I am sick. Should I keep my session?

  • If you have had cold, flu, or covid symptoms within 72 hours of your appointment, I request rescheduling your appointment until you are well again.  Please contact me ASAP to reschedule. You are still responsible for your appointment per the Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

  • As a sole practitioner, my income comes 100% from my valued client (that's you!).  When you cancel at the last moment my livelihood is jeopardized. While simultaneously taking away an appointment from another client who could benefit from my services.

  • For this reason, I have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel for any reason within 48-hours from your appointment time, I will charge the card on file the full price of your treatment cost.  Yes, even if you go into labor.  I highly recommend if you are booking a prenatal appointment around your due date you have a friend or family member on stand-by to fill the appointment time.

  • Likewise, if I cancel on you for any reason within 48-hours of your appointment time, I will honor my cancellation policy in reverse.  Meaning you receive a free massage session.  Yes, even if I am attending a birth.  Thats how much I honor your time.

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