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Sometimes it may feel like your mind is acting like your worst enemy. Especially as you navigate  birth & motherhood.  But what if its actually your biggest cheerleader and just hasn't been reminded what the goal is?

Introducing hypnosis to catch up your mind on your birth & motherhood goals.

Mind and body motherhood, hypnosis for conception, prenatal, birth, postpartum, hypnobirth
mind and body motherhood, hypnobirthing, rapid resolution therapy, hypnosis for conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum
Mind and body motherhood, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, rapid resolution therapy, hypnobirth, hypnobirthing, conception, prenatal, postpartum, birth, motherhood

It all begins with a thought.


“Am I ready to give birth?”

“Am I ready to be a mother?”

“I’ve never done this before, I don't think I can handle the pain!”

“They’ll just let me walk out with my baby?”

“What if….”


What follows is one of two things.  The least likely is you think of all the ways you are ready to give birth. You think of all the ways you are ready to be a mother.  You think of all the “first times” in the past that have been a success.  You remember all the rewarding pains you have overcome.


Yet, the most likely thing is that you are currently listing all the ways your birth can go wrong.  All the ways you can fail at motherhood.  All the steps you haven’t taken to prepare for this next chapter.  And more.


You aren’t alone.


Hypnotherapy is a life-changing tool that puts the control back in your hand. It is a method of rewriting your thoughts to produce the results you seek in birth, motherhood, and your life.


Imagine what the rest of your pregnancy will look like when the thoughts you have are in line with the birth you want.


Imagine what your postpartum experience will feel like when your thoughts are encouraging and supportive.


Imagine what motherhood will be like when you hear thoughts that are reassuring and energizing!

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Who is Hypnosis for?

Hypnosis is for you if:


✅ You are ready to create new thoughts

✅ You are ready to rewire your beliefs

✅ You are ready to create an empowering birth experience

✅ You are ready to welcome peace and clarity into your pregnancy and birth experience

✅You are 100% committed to birthing your dream results

Hypnosis is NOT for you if:


❌ You believe your thoughts are set in stone and that's just the way it is

❌ You think your thoughts don’t impact your approach to motherhood

❌ You believe your birth experience is completely up to chance and there is nothing you can do

❌ You don’t think there is anything that has to change

If you are ready to:

🌟 Go into labor with clarity in your ability to give birth

🌟 Experience a peace-filled pregnancy - even when shit hits the fan

🌟 Have confidence in your birth values

🌟 Experience restful sleep

🌟 Experience regulated emotions while parenting your toddler

🌟 Feel supported & resourced in your postpartum journey

🌟 Navigate postpartum with peace & clarity

🌟Thrive in motherhood

Book your hypnosis session now!


Single Session up to 90 minutes $150

3 Month (12 Weekly Sessions) Package  $1500

Mind and body motherhood, Orlando hypnosis, Orlando hypnobirth, Orlando birth coach, Orlando Rapid Resolution Therapy
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