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Learn To Massage Your Pregnant Partner Like A Pro!

Discover how to melt away the aches & pains pregnancy, while connecting with your partner & baby 

Hands down there is no one else who touches your pregnant boo like you.  When it comes to massage this is also true! With a little guidance and support you will be their go-to person for massage in pregnancy & birth.

Massage is the most effective way to reduce pains & aches from pregnancy... and when YOU are the one massaging your pregnant partner you boost the peace & relaxation!


✅ Learn all the basic techniques and sequences to give a 5-minute to 60-minute massage


✅ Start to massage the tension and stress away so your partner can move (and rest) with ease!


✅ Become a hands on partner through pregnancy & birth!

✅ Provide Oxytocin-inducing massage to decrease stress & tension!

What Will Be Covered In Prenatal Massage Blueprint

Face & Scalp Sequence

Learn a face & scalp sequence that will promote rest & relaxation. As well as calm the mind from preoccupation.

Neck & Shoulders Sequence

Release tension and stress that has been held in the neck and shoulders. This sequence will minimize any pregnancy related headaches.

Arms & Hands Sequence

Stay ahead of any carpal tunnel like syndromes by learning this smooth arm & hand sequence.

Abdomen Sequence

Your partner cant be the only one receiving a massage, this abdomen sequence will either have baby staying in one place or jumping from joy of feeling you your touch!

Back Sequence

The most sought after module, you will learn how to release aches & tensions in the back from the pregnancy.

Legs & Glutes Sequence

Learn to massage the muscles that will be most used during labor & birth.  Your partner will be starting labor with loose & relaxed legs & glutes!

Feet Sequence

Learn to give a foot massage that will leave your partner feeling like they are walking on cloud 9!


Getting Started with Your First Prenatal Massage is as easy as 1... 2... 3!

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD to avoid Learning to Massage Your Pregnant Partner Like A Pro!

  • Research shows regular massage throughout pregnancy reduces the possibility of complications!

  • The mental stress of navigating pregnancy, preparing for birth & baby can manifest as physical aches & pains!

  • Labor is a long, full-body process. By not receiving bodywork continuously throughout pregnancy your partner is entering labor with tense, stressed muscles!

  • Regularly massaging your partner throughout pregnancy builds confidence and skills that are useful to give comfort and support during labor!

Katrina P., FL

Ana is wonderful and the prenatal massage was so helpful. I felt relaxed and refreshed! Ana is down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. She was very responsive to my massage preferences.

Ashley R., NJ

Ana is truly wonderful at what she does. She genuinely cares about how you’re feeling and is always thorough in her work. She is warm, welcoming, calm, and knowledgeable. Ana applies strong pressure (yay!) and makes adjustments to all aspects of the massage according to your preferences. The experience is never rushed. Thank you for making my pregnancy more comfortable and relaxed. I always look forward to my monthly massages and look forward to postnatal massages to aid in my recovery once the baby is here!

Sasha B., NJ

Ana made me feel right at home and comfortable. She took time out to make sure she assessed everything I had going on with my body. She continuously asked if the pressure was good to make sure it was what I had asked for. 10/10 highly recommend and am already booked again for next month. Thanks so much Ana!

"How Much Does Prenatal Massage Blueprint Cost?"

The biggest mistake expecting parents make is to believe prenatal massage is a luxury.  It's not, its a necessity to keep aches & pains at a minimum while growing a baby!


Many either:

  • Find a prenatal massage specialist in their area & save for 1 or 2 sessions at the end of the pregnancy as a babymoon gift

  • Go to a low-budget chain spa and receive a low-quality massage that reaffirms the belief that it is not a necessity in pregnancy


All while believing that aches & pains are simply the price of being pregnant.  It isn't!

I've created Prenatal Massage Blueprint to teach you how to give massages that melt away aches & tension while improving rest & relaxation.


Get ready to expedite the learning curve so that your touch continues to be your partner's go-to for peace & restoration!

You can master my easy to do prenatal massage sequence for just $135!!

Your Investment is Fully Backed By Our 7-Day Guarantee!

 We are completely committed to you receiving a MIND-BLOWING experience from your purchase of Prenatal Massage Blueprint.  If that is not the case for you within 7 days of your purchase, we will COMPLETELY REFUND your purchase.  To initiate the refund process please email us at with any notes of modules you've covered, as well as a description of why this course didn't work out for you.

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Get Started With Massaging Your Partner & Enroll Today!


B O N U S        M O D U L E:

Using Massage During Labor

Massage during labor is just as impactful.  This bonus module will prepare you to use anything taught in Prenatal Massage Blueprint while your partner is navigating labor as a comfort measures tool!

B O N U S        E B O O K:

Your Breastfeeding Guide

Truth is that the saying "breastfeeding comes naturally" is far from true.  Your Breastfeeding Guide is an ebook that will prepare you for breastfeeding so that you navigate breastfeeding with confidence from the first latch!


Start Massaging Your Pregnant Boo and Enroll Today!


Meet Ana Munoz

After over 10 years of massaging folks navigating their childbearing year Ana received her first request from a client's partner to teach him how to massage his wife.  She filmed the session to share with her client and as Ana went to review the footage she caught a glimpse of a smile that lead to the creation of this course.

As much pain relief and relaxation Ana has brought to pregnant clients throughout the years, she recognized she will never be the cause of the smile her client graced the camera with the first time her husband massaged her.

Her new mission in life is to bring massage to your hands!

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