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Welcome Healthy Muscle Movement Peeps!

I'm so excited to be offering you massage services while Stef is recovering from birth and bonding with her baby!

Mind and body motherhood, mobile massage therapy, Orlando FL, prenatal massage, postpartum massage, therapeutic massage
mind and body motherhood, massage therapy, Orlando prenatal massage, Orlando postpartum massage, Orlando mommy to be massage, Orlando Mobile Massage, Orlando in home massage, Ana Munoz
Mind and body motherhood - mobile massage therapy Orlando FL, Prenatal massage, postpartum massage, therapeutic massage
Who Am I?
How long have I been a Massage Therapist?
Where are you located?

Hi! I'm Ana Munoz, I'll be taking care of you while Stef is settling into motherhood.  I am a massage therapist, birth doula, & hypnosis practitioner.

I am the founder of Mind & Body Motherhood, where I help parents navigate their childbearing year with services such as massage, hypnosis & doula services.

I've been practicing massage since 2012. What began as a solution to pay my way through college became my true calling. 


Your body is so amazing and I can truly say 12 years in I am still learning the healing powers of touch, bodywork, and massage.

I currently live in Orlando, and run my massage practice serving the greater Orlando area.  

I'll be covering for Stef from August to October in the comfort of her space in Mine Hill, NJ.

Massage Rates

We accept cash, all major credit cards and HSA​

  • 30 minutes      $60

  • 60 minutes    $110

  • 90 minutes    $160

  • 120 minutes  $220

Book Session

mind and body motherhood, Orlando PRenatal MAssage, Orlando Postpartum Massage, Orlando Mobile Massage, Orlando Mommy to be massage

“Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the spirit.”


mind and body motherhood, orlando prenatal massage, orlando postpartum massage, orlando mobile massage, orlando in home massage, orlando mommy to be massage

When dates will you be covering for Stef?

  • I'll officially be available beginning Friday August 2nd up to around August 24th. Then Tentatively September 18th through the first half of October.

Will you be massaging out of Stef's space?

  • Yes, I'll be massaging you in the comfort of Stef's location. Our goal is to give you continuity of care to the best of our ability and keeping you in the same location is what's best!

Stef offers sports rehab massage, and you appear to specialize in prenatal massage, can you give us similar results as Stef?

  • My goal isn't to copy Stef's style, truly she has a unique approach! While most think prenatal massage is a relaxation modality, I see navigating pregnancy similar to training for a marathon. It takes roughly 40 weeks to train for a marathon and anywhere from 2hrs-6hrs​ to complete it.  However, labor can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days and then without a break you are launched into learning how to care for a newborn. Navigating pregnancy is definitely an athletic endeavor. My technique isn't exactly like Stef's but our dedication to supporting you in reaching you goals are pretty equal!

I am sick. Should I keep my session?

  • If you have had cold, flu, or covid symptoms within 72 hours of your appointment, I request rescheduling your appointment until you are well again.  Please contact me ASAP to reschedule. You are still responsible for your appointment per the Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?

  • As a sole practitioner, my income comes 100% from my valued client (that's you!).  When you cancel at the last moment my livelihood is jeopardized. While simultaneously taking away an appointment from another client who could benefit from my services.

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