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Birth is a Mind & Body Experience, so why are childbirth courses only focused preparing the body?

Have you heard the phrase that birth is 10% physical and 90% mental?  If that is the case (which in my experience IT IS!) then why are birth courses only focused on educating you on whats going on physically and how to navigate physical roadbumps?

To successfully navigate hospital births, childbirth courses should also focus on mental roadblocks.  That is why I have created Mind & Body Birth Academy.

Mindy & Body Birth Academy is a comprehensive childbirth education program that merges childbirth knowledge with hypnosis and other tools to wash away behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that can get in the way of you effectively navigating birth in a hospital setting!

If Mind & Body Birth Academy sounds like the childbirth education course you've been looking for, join the waitlist below to be the first to receive all the juicy details when enrollment opens in January!

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