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So You're Curious About Hypnosis?

Maybe you’ve seen a hypnosis stage show where a participant used her flip-flop as a phone or a movie that utilized hypnosis to rob a bank. However, you came across hypnosis, it was enough to have you wondering, “But does it work?” And if so, “How?”

I may be breaking some hypnosis stage show rule here. (Not really, but it feels good to break rules doesn’t it?) I’m going to lift the curtain and share what’s hypnosis and how it actually works.

So, What is Hypnosis?

To understand hypnosis, it is easier to understand what it is not.

It is not brainwashing, or mind control. The participant is always in control. If you look at stage hypnosis, for example, the participants all have one thing in common. They raised their hand!

The hypnotherapist completed their introduction, set expectations, and said something along the lines of, “I need your help. Raise your hand if you would like to be a participant today and help me demonstrate the powers of hypnosis.”

Now, any showperson will tell you the number 1 rule of showmanship is kick off anyone on stage who is dragging the show. So with that knowledge, why would any hypnotherapist pick someone who isn't jumping in their seat to participate in the show?

You are always an active participant in your hypnosis session. Which means, there is no brainwashing or mind control. If I were to tell you, let's go feed kittens to alligators you’d cancel me. Instantly. Because feeding kittens to alligators is absolutely not something we do. But if I were to say, let's go cuddle and pet kittens and puppies, you’d be like, “I call shotgun, let's go!” Right?

What hypnosis actually is, is the method of speaking the language of the unconscious mind. It’s becoming more common knowledge that long-lasting change happens at the unconscious level. Hypnosis is the highway toward creating long-lasting results in your life.

Picture the Rosetta Stone. A slab of stone with one message written in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Demotic Script (an ancient Egyptian Script), and Ancient Greek. Prior to the discovery of this stone, decoding hieroglyphics was moving at the speed of a snail on a hot summer day. Then comes the discovery of this stone and since we thankfully still knew how to read and translate ancient Greek it was only a matter of time before the ancient Egyptian Script was translated. Then it was simply translating the Egyptian Hieroglyphics from the two other languages.

Perhaps you are at the stage of discovering the role your unconscious mind plays in creating your life, or you are beginning to recognize the language it speaks, or you are on your way to being a fluent Hyroglyphic reader.

The speed of learning how to utilize your unconscious mind is up to you. Hypnosis is simply an effective tool that can greatly expedite the rate at which you experience long-lasting results in your life.

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