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Wash Away Your Birth Anxiety Is In Your Inbox, but first:

 Washing away your anxiety is simply the first step in preparing for birth.  It gives you an open canvas to create your new dream vision to giving birth.

Previously, you've been navigating birth through the lense of anxiety and fear of what you are capable of and the unknowns that come with birthing your baby.  But now, after listening to Wash Away Your Birth Anxiety you will have a new lense Free & Clear of past emotions that were dictating how you prepared (or didn't prepare) for birth.

That is why I have created Mind & Body Birth Academy.  Mindy & Body Birth Academy is a comprehensive childbirth education program that merges both childbirth knowledge with hypnosis and other tools to wash away behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that can get in the way of you effectively implementing your dream birth plan.

If Mind & Body Birth Academy sounds like the childbirth education course you've been looking for, join the waitlist below to be the first to receive all the juicy details when enrollment opens in January!

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