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Mastering Your Emotions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn't just a biological journey; it's a rollercoaster of emotions. From the tearful moments to the unexplained bouts of anger, the emotional landscape during this time can be overwhelming. But what if these emotions weren't merely hormonal chaos? What if they served a purpose beyond just being a side effect of pregnancy?

I vividly recall a moment during my own pregnancy in 2020 when the world was grappling with the onset of the pandemic. A client called me in tears because her OB's office had shifted her upcoming appointment to telehealth. Initially, I assumed her emotional reaction was simply due to the hormonal rollercoaster we often attribute to pregnancy. Little did I know, I'd soon find myself in the exact situation, feeling equally emotional about a change in my appointment format.

Reflecting on these experiences, I realized that while hormones might heighten our emotional responses, these emotions hold significance beyond their chemical triggers. They serve a purpose.

In Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), emotions are believed to guide behavior. If an emotion feels good, it's an indicator to continue that behavior. For instance, during her pregnancy my friend craved fries and ice chips. The first time she craved fries her craving was triggered by seeing my husband eating fries. The problem was my husband doesn’t share his food. Cue the tears! So ordering extra fries and keeping ice chips nearby became a norm to keep her tears at bay. Simple, but effective.

Conversely, negative emotions signal a need for change. They're a message from your unconscious mind nudging you toward a different approach. Ignoring these emotions can lead to self-doubt and, inadvertently, people-pleasing behavior that doesn't align with your desires.

Understanding these emotions can revolutionize your pregnancy journey. If a provider's appointment leaves you upset or confused, it might prompt a deeper exploration: Is this the right fit for me? Similarly, unresolved feelings about birthing room guests—like your mother-in-law—might necessitate an honest conversation, reclaiming agency over your birthing space.

Recognizing these emotional patterns presents a choice: continue on the same path or explore alternatives. Ask the necessary questions, assert your preferences, and prioritize your comfort and well-being.

My personal turning point came with that initial telehealth appointment that left me drained emotionally. I realized I needed in-person visits for peace of mind. While my choice might not fit everyone's situation, the lesson was clear: Emotions, whether hormone-induced or not, are a compass guiding us toward behaviors that align with the outcomes we desire.

Remember, it's not about replicating my choices but recognizing the role emotions play in steering us toward what feels right for our individual journeys as we navigate pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

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