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Unwrapping 3 Big Myths Around Giving Birth

If you've ever watched "Knocked Up," "Grey's Anatomy," or "16 & Pregnant," you've seen dramatized birthing scenes play out on the screen. These depictions, while entertaining, often shape our perceptions of birth, especially for first-time parents. But let's address the elephant in the room—drama sells.

Think about "Knocked Up" for a moment. What's the first image that pops into your head? Katherine Heigl, sweaty-faced and screaming, right? That's the drama that keeps us hooked. But is that an accurate portrayal of birth? Not quite.

Let's dismantle some common beliefs about birth that these shows might have ingrained in our minds and explore whether they hold any truth or if it's time to shift our perspectives.

But first, a disclosure. I used to believe I approached birth as an unbiased doula, prenatal massage therapist, and birthworker. However, an eye-opening experience taught me that biases are inevitable. We all carry our experiences, shaping how we guide expecting parents through this transformative journey.

I once witnessed a birth where a well-intentioned provider's past experience clouded her approach. Her fear from a previous birth led her to inadvertently prioritize the hospital's interests over my client's desires, leading to a tense birthing experience.

So, what's my filter now? I believe that every birthing individual holds an inner knowing of their ideal birth. My role? Equipping clients with resources to make informed decisions and processing any unresolved birth experiences to ensure a clean slate for future support.

Now, let's delve into the myths:

Myth #1: Birth is Inherently Painful

Let's rethink pain. Pain usually signals something is wrong. Yet, what if contractions were reframed as powerful instead of painful? Birth is 10% physical and 90% mental. When we imagine birth, our bodies often tense up, expecting pain. But what if our beliefs around pain could be rewired, transforming labor into a powerful experience instead?

Myth #2: Your Provider Knows Best for You

Here's the truth—your OB or midwife knows birth, but they don't know you intimately. Birth is a deeply personal journey. It's an inner odyssey where only you know your comfort zones, coping mechanisms, and communication style. Trust yourself; you're the expert of your own experience.

Myth #3: Hospital Policies Are Absolute

Hospital policies are guidelines, not laws. They're shaped by various factors and can sometimes hinder the birth experience. Understanding these policies empowers you to advocate for your rights and navigate through potential obstacles.

Television and movies have glamorized and exaggerated birth, depicting chaotic scenes that might not align with reality. Peaceful, calm births exist but require intentional planning, preparation, and a supportive birth team aligned with your vision.

If you're expecting and due March 2024 or after, I have a comprehensive childbirth course, the Mind & Body Birth Academy, to guide you in creating your birth plan. It's not for those unwilling to shed the people-pleasing identity.

Join the waitlist and be ready to embark on a transformative journey toward a badass autonomous birthing era. Click here to sign up!

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